Stand Alone Home Staging Consultation

A perfect option if your sellers want the information and knowledge and they are great at DIY projects. Many items we recommend can be done exclusively by the homeowners. This service might be the only thing they need, which is great because it will make their preparation dollars go further. Think of this as the road map to getting the home photo and show ready.

Fee Structure:  

$250 for homes up to 3000 square feet and up to 1 ½ hours
$350 for home from 3000-4500 square feet and up to 2 ½ hours
$500 for homes 4500+ square feet and up to 3 ½ hours

What’s included in an in-depth consultation? Read more here →

Home Staging Consultation + Photo Prep

Includes everything in the in-depth consultation plus photo preparation. Once the homeowner has completed the recommendations, we’ll come back and use only what the seller owns to stage the home into a market-ready buyer’s dream home.

Fee Structure:  

Consultation fee + $600 for up to 4 hours (half day)
Consultation fee + $1200 for up to 8 hours (full day)

Home Staging Consultation + Enhanced Photo Prep

Includes everything in the in-depth consultation as well as enhanced staging to prepare the home for photos. Once the homeowner has completed the recommendations from the consultation, we’ll create a design plan including bringing in furniture, accessories, and anything else needed to create an emotional experience for the buyer. This is a great option if the homeowner could benefit from more than what they already own to market their home to its fullest potential.

Fee Structure:  

Varies based on the scope of the staging. We work within homeowners timeframes and budgets, so we’ll prioritize accordingly. We’ll discuss the investment estimates after the initial consultation.

Consultation fee + varies based on size of the home & monthly rental.

Vacant Home Staging

Vacant staging is for empty properties and an option we reserve only for our Preferred Partner Program. This is the only staging service that does not require a in-depth consultation.

We start with a preview (no charge) of the property where we walk through the home to better understand the scope, location, existing fixtures and architectural details. This helps us focus on the demographics (who is most likely to buy the home) and the psychographics (how those buyers will mostly likely live in the home) to create emotional connection through staging.

Fee Structure:  

Varies based on the size and scope of the project. After the initial preview, we’ll submit a staging proposal.

Minimum staging fee of $2,500

Preferred Partner Perks Program

We love our partners so we like to give you more perks. What does it mean to be a preferred partner? We collaborate together as a team to hone in a process, work together on almost all of your listings, and aim to get the highest value out of every single home.

You’ll get:

  • Preferred appointment times

  • Co-branded marketing materials

  • Referrals to you when homeowners contact us first

  • Additional social media marketing when we do a project for you

  • Marketing lead campaign for sellers presentation

  • No-fee entry into 3 hour CE Class

  • Our Vacant staging services

  • Our Speed staging services


Minimum of 5-7 staging projects per year


Get Started:

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Home Staging Consultations:

How does a home staging consultation help you with your listings?

Staging makes your listings look GREAT. Your photos on MLS are your brand. We are known for creating strong marketing photos and working within your clients timeframe, budget and ability. Everything we recommend is strategically aimed to get the home expertly prepared for market — so you can do what you do best.

How does it work?

Most staging services begin with our in-depth home staging consultation.  During the consultation, we tour the entire property with your sellers starting at the front side walk all the way to the back yard.  Throughout the tour, we make strategic recommendations to enhance the perceived value in the home and to help them think of their home as an asset to be merchandised. Your seller will not only know what we recommend, but why we recommend it and the solution to complete it.

Typically we’ll cover:

Money Rooms: We know what the money rooms are for buyers (living room, kitchen, dining room, master). We’ll prioritize these heavily in our recommendations.

Furniture placement: A crucial component to creating strong marketing photos. We’ll recommend rearranging or editing the furniture in the home in order to create the highest perceived value.

Unneeded Items: Let's face it, we all have too many treasures. Less is more in our world of staging. If the home is occupied, we’ll help the seller identify the items to pack away to get the most value out of staging.

Paint: Paint is money in a can. You’d be surprised how a fresh coat of paint in the right places can increase the value of the home.

Cosmetics: Whether its updating a light fixture or modernizing counter tops, we’ll outline cosmetic changes that will make an impact.  

Hard Conversations: We also have the CLEAN TALK, ODOR TALK, LIGHTBULB TALK, PET TALK and the CLOSET TALK so you don't have to.

Top 10 Priority List: At the end of the consultation, we’ll review all recommendations with the sellers and create a Top 10 Priority list in order of impact.

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