Short Term Rental Furnishing

Want to have your short term rentals booked as often as possible? The photos are crucial. People can only see what they see and you have one chance to get them to click into your listing. You can have the highest reviews in the world, but if you don’t stand out at first glance, your listing will get buried. Our furnishing services take into account location, amenities, all unique and most popular features, type of listing, and more. We have staged for an upcoming preview for HGTV on the short term rental markets, countless successful AirBnb listings, and more. We not only intentionally design the space for the listing, but also source all items using our wholesale designer package, handle all shopping and shipping, and stage the rental for photos.

Fee Structure:  

Short Term Rental Consultation fee ($250) + minimum fee of $2,500

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Featured Furnishings

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